Additional Flexgate-Type Problems - MacBook Pro 2016 15"

The display cable is a known weak point for MacBooks and the resulting problems manifest in many different ways - not just backlighting issues or blank screens. Many screens can no longer present high resolution images or flicker wildly as a result of this issue. Macbook Pro 15" laptops have display issues as a result of closing and opening the laptop, which chafes or pinches the display cable and eventually causes it to fail. The only fix is replacing the entire display, since it is integrated with the cable. Apple has offered to fix certain 13" laptop models, but refuses to fix the 15". They insist that you pay $800 or more for a new display, but they will only replace with the same cable that originally failed, and they will only guarantee it for 90 days - they should replace it for free, or better yet, replace it with a cable that wont fail.

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I also got this problem too. Apple should face these problem.

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I had the same problem, how do Apple log the issues to end up with a free fix?

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I have the same problem. Filed a complaint with apple already.

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I replied on another thread but I am wondering if this is what your issues look like:

I have the MacBook Pro 15-Inch “Core i7” 2.9 Touch/Mid-2017. Paid over $3,000 for it (apple refurb, felt safer at the time going with them on a refurb but ???) and had to turn around and spend another $4,000 on a brand new one a month ago. Chose to not go refurb this round.

I would be able to get the monitor to work if I raised the lid slowly while moving a finder window, I could see when the lines started appearing, I’d then bring the lid back down until it clicked back to no lines/ghosting and I kept doing this over and over. Finally I could get the display up high enough to work without lines. Sometimes it would pop back in randomly and I would have to start that process all over again.

I am waiting until Apple acknowledges this issue, I refuse to pay more when I bought this only 3 years ago.

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This is very similar to my 15 display issue. If I crack the display just enough to see it, it mostly works fine. When opened normally it has flickering lines and other display issues.

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With mine, I can open it slowly peeking at the display. I see when the lines appear, then I lower it until they go away and can typically open it a little wider. I keep doing this until I can open it all the way.

Though, I only get into that computer when I need something from it. I ended up having to buy a new one.

edit: oh, I said that in my comment above, but you might try it with yours to see if that is a workaround.

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Same issue apple dont care about their customer I think we all should switch from MacBook to windows

Haha, never in a million years!

As frustrating as this is, Windows support is a thousand times worse.

Hello @AFSoar01,
We all should sign the petition below to demand Apple to fix our MBP, I also have a MBP 15" 2016 with the Flexgate issue, daily the list of people having the same problem is growing.

Hope this helps.