Darkness from bottom

Hello Everybody I am using 2017 macbook pro and this 2017 model has some screen darkness issue. For 2 year it worked and on one morning i saw small horizontal darkness on bottom. It was around 6 months ago. For few days it was like 0.5 cm. But as i used laptop it started growing and growing and now its 2inch. And its growing slowly. Even i had to shift dock to right bar which always used to be bottom. But its clearly affecting all my work.

  1. Will apple repair this for free or should I pay them ransom to fix their hardware issue?
  2. As i am having keyboard issue if i get keyboard issue fixed will this be fixed automatically?
  3. Will it grow till my screen is fully dark? It is now getting into nerves .
  4. If apple store demand $ how much it would be?

Apple laptop here is very expensive like 2500$ for 1799$ model . And our salary is like 200$ I purchased to work and make money for living but apple sold such a defective laptop and due to pandemic i need to give all money to family so i cannot afford to pay them. Whats the best solution?

today I noticed above those back lines there are very thin black lines which are not easily noticeable. Meaning half of screen already has a issue. Any suggestion guys?

Someone reported the same issue. It could be bad design of the LCD cable too.