Flexgate,butterfly keyboard failure, expected SSD failure

My device is Macbook pro 2017 13 inch (2 Thunderbolt ports). I bought this device on 21st September 2017. Sometime in May this year i.e 2020, my device showed some effects of flexgate.

The bottom part of the screen showed stagelight behaviour on opening the lid. At first I thought it was some sort of software bug. But slowly it started to spread on opening the lid at even lower angles.

This happened during the lockdown. I felt like a cripple since I am a programmer and without a working laptop I was helpless. I tried to program as much as I could on the phone, but a phone can never match a laptop for that.

Be aware that at this point, the screen had completely blacked out. Tried to convince the Apple support guy, and his answer was as expected, “We are not aware of this issue but we can set you up with the nearest AASP to service your laptop”, which is a sweet way of saying we are instructed to sway away from this topic to lure you out to our AASP where the person will charge you $800 for changing the whole display.

Now comes the keyboard part. In simple terms, this keyboard is SHIT. My L, cntrl, f4 etc keys do not work. But still I managed somehow. But I lost it when my Shift and left arrow key failed. My frustration had no bounds then. A programmer can understand my pain.

Now comes the SSD part. It works for now. But on Apple website, I saw that my model’s SSD could fail anytime due to a defective manufacturing unit. So there its instructed to service it within 3 years of purchase that will end on 21st of Sept this year.

But the issue here is, our dear Apple will not service anything unless all the other things are working properly. So my keyboard and SSD wont be taken care of until my Flexgate display issue is resolved first.

Now I have no idea when/if Apple will service 2017 and later models. I know there is a lawsuit hanging but if they don’t sort this out before Sept 21, then my SSD cannot be serviced, which my laptop could fail at any time and since the SSD is soldered to the Logic board, I will have to replace the whole Logic board unit for around $800, which takes me back to square one.

I really love Apple products. I am a loyal customer. But things like these is really not acceptable. Nobody other than me has the slightest idea how much I regret buying this laptop.

Frustrated Apple Customer

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