Flexgate MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar mid 2018

My 2018 MacBook Pro’s display failed (screen flickering, ghosting, discolouration) three years after the purchase (Oct 2018), and since I’m out of warranty, Apple refused my demand for free replacement because of design and manufacturing flaw. I’ve got my computer twice for inspection at an authorised Apple service provider, trying at the same time to contact Apple and persuade them to replace my display for free, regardless of warranty, but they ignored my demand. The cost is 740€ for a 2237€ three years old very well treated computer. I find that insane, and I strongly believe that Apple knowingly sold faulty computers, that would fail after the warranty time, so to benefit from display replacements. I have found an independent technician that can replace my display for 580€, but I claim my money back from Apple, plus compensation. I will keep the faulty display as evidence.

This is not just the “stage light” effect nor just the 2016 MacBooks. It’s a much bigger issue affecting numerous MacBooks 2016-2020.

It also seems that Apple is offering new business ideas for repair services companies… See the links below: