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My Mac Pro 2018 model - the screen display turn into pink column on my screen. Just out of nowhere. I were using 10mins bfr the incident occur. Just got shocked. Apple should really be aware of it and fix it. Cause the cost is 40,000 in INDIA. That’s expensive.
Hoping for the free of service cost…(that had been done earlier Mac Pro incident).
And last of all - IT IS totally genuine. Do research and spare time to your apple family.
Thank you.

I have the same problem. Since 13 months after I bought it. They wanted $750-/+ to fix it. It has become a very expensive desk top computer. Where I carry a monitor with me so I can use it.

I can get the screen to work sometime by adjusting the screen to a different angle. Usually leaving the screen open 3”. But it hard to use the keys and to see the screen

I am hoping apple will see their manufacture flaw and issue a recall. If they don’t my next computer will not be an apple