Flexgate On My 2017 13" MacBook Pro - Screen Angle

Hi, I am new to this forum. Last month my MacBook Pro suddenly developed the dreaded Flexgate issue. I had never heard of this problem before. I phoned Apple support who advised me to take it to my local Apple store which I did, they told me it would cost £500 - £600 to repair as my model wasn’t covered in their repair programme. I was so angry about this, This is my second MacBook Pro, I have had 2 IPads and countless iPhones and this is how Apple repay me!!

I haven’t had it fixed yet as the problem is intermittent but getting worse. I have found that when my MacBook is behaving, if I leave the screen open and put it to sleep when I’m not using it and I am careful not to touch the angle of the screen it can last all day without the screen failing. I am just hoping that the two class action cases in the USA are won and Apple are forced to fix the 2017 models etc that also develop this problem. Thanks for listening

I feel your pain. I have a 2017 15 inch MacBook Pro that I only used a few times a week. It’s just now starting to fail. I realize now that it was acting up for years but I thought it was just having trouble waking up when I would open it and it would be black I would close it and open it again it would be fine. A few weeks ago I opened it and it was black. Closing and opening did nothing I thought it was completely dead. I actually bought a new computer because I was in a bind. Another $3700 MacBook Pro. Then I found out about this issue and took it to the Apple store. When I found out they wanted $700 to fix a barely used computer I got so angry they asked me to leave the store. It wasn’t the money so much that angered me. It’s the dishonesty of a company that I have fully supported and been an ambassador for for 20 years. BS they don’t know it’s a design flaw. I’m even a major shareholder so you think I’d be happy they’re not spending money fixing all these laptops. Just the opposite I’m pissed off and if I could sell my stock without the tax consequences I would.