#Flexgate2 - MacBook Pro 2016, 2017, 2018 Pink Bars/Pink screen issue

Signed the petition. Same problem on a end 2017 MacBook Pro.

2017 MBP green horizontal flickering lines, in the same 6 column layout.
Amazingly infuriating :slight_smile:
must have had 4/5 macbooks and a few imacs since 2003 (not all new) all but one have had hardware failure bar 1 - the oldest. Some did go for long long time in fairness. My 2 hackintosh still beasting it though

The same problem with mbp 2017 a1708

my first & certainly the last time buying an apple product , awful experience . shelling out hundreds of thousands of rupees on a product whic wont even last 5 yrs. a niggle here or there is understandable but big hardware issues like these are unacceptable. First it was the d keyboard, got that fixed then it was d heating issue fan not running, solved that too & now this. its always something or the other with this machine, had enough. Id much rather have software issues on a windows laptop than to have hardware issues that put a hole in my pocket. Lesson learned never again. would suggest ppl to buy a new windows laptop instead of getting the screen replaced & giving apple ur money. dont give them what they want

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Used the product for just about an year before the defect appeared. First it used to work when the screen was kept at some angles. Then it turned out to be consistently this.

Took the product to Apple authorised service centre near me. They referred to this on the web
[13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program - Apple Support](https://Link to their reference) and said that my Macbook Pro 15 inch A1707 is not in the range of replacement.

Listed out that it may cost 54.050 INR ie. 723.32 USD for the total retina screen replacement.

I am left with nothing but to keep the entire product on hold amidst this financial crisis time of Covid.

Hey guys! I just had this issue occur last month. Took it into an Apple Store and they quoted the $700 to repair. Took it up with a manager and they told me there was nothing they could do… shocker! Well I obtained the number for Apple HQ and spoke with someone in customer relations. I explained the situation, how I was upset with paying $2,000 for a product that lasted only 2 years. The customer service rep was very sympathetic and mentioned the warranty had expired but he would look into it. After holding for maybe 5 minutes he explained they would waive the cost of the repair! Picked up the laptop about a week ago and it has been perfect ever since. Still cautious we might have the same issue in another 2-3 years, but we will see.

It is worth it to give it a shot, just be honest, genuine and keep a calm temper. Explain the situation and why you feel it is unfair. Then hopefully the Apple rep makes it right! If not leave it be, document it, and seek other means of restitution. If you paid with a credit card check your rights, they may cover it if the purchase was within 6 years.

Apple HQ number: 408-996-1010
Ask to speak with customer relations

Good luck!

The same here. MBP 2017, 13 inch, two thunderbolt, 3 ports. Opened laptop and have 1 vertical line in the middle of the screen and many horizontal small lines all over. Disappears when closing the screen to a 30° angle.
Went to Apple service and repair shop where they told me that because my Macbook is 2 years and 3 months old, costs would be all mine. The whole screen had to be replaced and would cost 700+ euros!!!
I can agree that I have to pay after warranty has expired but this is more than reasonable, especially when it’s clearly a well known fault in production. They gave me the phone number of the Apple consumer desk and got to speak 2 different persons who both confirmed they could do nothing because the 2017/2018-models are not eligible models. Even a partial compensation wasn’t possible. The only thing they wanted to do was note down the complaint.
I feel like buying an Apple product is becoming a financial risky business. Things get broken, but for paying a lot of money I expect a firm taking their responsibility when a production fault occurs. I loved working with Apple products but now I’m not going to take the risk anymore.

2018 MacBook Pro 15, bought in November 2018. Pink bars and completely unusable display. Absolutely disappointed in Apple. My local service center asked hundreds of euros to repair it, which makes my blood boil since this is a blatant factory defect.

Just suddenly happened to me too on my 2018 MBP. Pink bars like everyone else here when the screen is opened more than 30 degrees. It’s clearly the faulty display cable - ie Apple fault, not wear and tear or damage.

Here was my subsequent path:

  1. Apple support via chat - Usual troubleshooting script. Once I said I’d done all that there was nothing more they could do. They said I was out of warranty and I would need to pay for the repair.

  2. Apple Store (in Sydney) - They could see it was the display cable issue but refused to fix it at no charge as my laptop was not recognised under their service program as being impacted, despite me showing them seeing and acknowledging that it was clearly a display cable issue. The supervisor I asked to speak to was even less helpful. I said it should not matter that it is out of warranty as they acknowledged this was the faulty display cable issue. They suggested I call Apple Legal to get them to approve the fix…but could not find on Apple’s website how to get the contact details.

  3. I called Apple HQ and on asking to speak to Apple Legal I was put through to a customer support supervisor. She said the Apple Store could have made an exception but chose not to and as such she could not overrule the Apple Store. This of course was totally contradictory to the Apple Store. When I challenged this (calmly) she said ‘Have a nice day’ and hung up.

All in all a total waste of time and a hugely disappointing experience. They don’t recognise or acknowledge this issue, despite it impacting so many users clear as day.

There is no way I am going to spend what will be close to AUD $1000 fixing this with these charlatans and wait a week while it gets repaired. So I took it to my local repair guy and he immediately knew the issue as he said he sees this all the time (and he’s just a random little shop in the burbs). He quoted $350 to fix in 1 day.