Return power adapters to all iPhone models

We love Apple and support their environmental initiatives. However, some of them may lead to the opposite effect, such as removing power charger from the iPhone box.

According to Lisa P. Jackson, vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives at Apple, “There are also over 2 billion Apple power adapters out there in the world, and that’s not counting the billions of third-party adapters. We’re removing these items from the iPhone box, which reduces carbon emissions and avoids the mining and use of precious materials.

The main problem here is that all iPhone models (with an exception of 11 Pro series) carried the power adapter in the box with USB Type-A port. New models come with a USB Type-C cable, making it impossible to use with old chargers. And in many cases it’s literally unsafe to use old USB Type-A lightning cables because they are prone to fraying.

The widespread adoption of USB Type-C began around 2015, and the average iPhone lifespan is 4 years, so Apple had time for a transition. But they did not.

All of it forces a lot of customers to buy new chargers in the separate packaging, producing unnecessary environmental impact and reduces customer satisfaction.

We ask Apple to provide the power adapter free of charge as opt-in option at the moment of purchase.

This simple approach will allow to maintain balance between customer needs and environmental efforts.

Let the customer decide whether he needs the power adapter or not!

I disagree with this. Old chargers will work with this new line of phones, and usb-c is the future universal standard.

Yes Apple are cutting costs. But this a better environmental move, and you don’t buy into the apple ecosystem to save money in the short term.

Only if you already have a newer iPad pro or MacBook Pro with USB-C and that also means you can’t charge them at the same time unless you plug into your MacBook. The other case is if you are an Android user moving over to iPhone 12 and have the adapter from that phone.

For a good lot of users who don’t have those devices they will need a USB-A to UBS-C adapter. If they provided that it would still allow the box to be slim. We personally have 1 USB-C adapter in my house from my (broken) MacBook Pro. That would work well considering I can’t use the MacBook. We have tons of Apple products however, including an iPad Pro, just no latest model iPad pro.

I don’t think USB-C is the future standard either as it wears out over time and doesn’t always give a snug fit or consistent connection. That’s my experience anyway. Lightning is a superior connector from a physical standpoint except it needs fast charging and higher bandwidth. A lightning connector in USB-C size if that is what is required to up its spec would be a lot better.

All in all I think this ties in more with Apple wanting users to adopt wireless charging and by the next iPhone generation we might even see no connector -Lighting, USB-C or otherwise

Maybe being able to opt for a Lightning to USB-A cord would make more sense. except if someone doesn’t need the adapter it probably also means they don’t need a cable, unless their current cable is old and frayed.

If they do need a charger (with USB-C) then it means they also need a cable. So they could have just provided nothing in the box.

But I think the key thing is without the charger you’re selling an incomplete product which is kind of what happens when you buy used off eBay. When I buy a brand new product I’m kind of thinking everything will be in the box including stickers etc the same as video games coming with a manual. Selling it in this small box with only a cable takes away from the experience a bit I think.

I personally think the entire iPhone 12 design is dated - it has a 8 year old connector, the design from the iPhone 4 and of course the notch from three years ago. Considering it comes without the unboxing experience you would expect from a brand new product and the old features of the design it ends up feeling a bit like a used eBay purchase. It would be good to see Apple go all out in putting the customer first instead of treating you like they are doing you a favor by letting you buy their products.