Unibody MacBook Pros dying in high humidity environments (2008-2015)

Dead logic boards caused by humidity due to thin design, high operating temperature and low RPM fans and the aluminum enclosure also contributes (notice your cold MacBook surface in the morning). Moisture and condensation form a layer in the thin space and either corrode or short components and also mold or fungus can grow and short components. Over the years I’ve seen so many unibody MacBook Pros (4 perhaps 5) that have stopped working at some point over the last 10 years in my immediate family, but a white MacBook from 2010 still works to this day. Basically these MacBook Pros (2008-2015) are pretty but arguably are flawed compared to similar devices that go for function over form. Needless to say I am no longer surprised when hearing about dead unibody MacBook Pros.

MacBook turning on issue during high humidity - Ask Different